Step by Step Towel Folding Ideas

Getting your towels neatly folded can make your bathroom look great and keep your linen closet organized. At Bumble Towels, we’ve put together some simple towel-folding methods that anyone can master. These steps are quick, easy, and will help you make your space tidy and attractive. Here’s how to fold towels like a pro and keep everything looking perfect.

Step 1: The Basic Fold

This is a super simple way to fold your towels for everyday use. Lay your towel flat on any surface. Fold the long sides of the towel towards the middle so they slightly overlap. Then fold the short ends to the middle. Finally, fold the towel in half. This fold is great because it makes your towels stack neatly and saves space wherever you store them.

Step 2: The Spa Roll

Bring a bit of spa luxury to your home with this easy roll. Place your towel flat and fold one corner across to create a straight edge. Start rolling from the straight edge to the opposite corner. This rolling style is perfect for putting in baskets or showing off on a shelf, giving your bathroom a special, relaxing vibe. This simple technique allows you to bring the feeling of a spa into your home, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

Step 3: The Fancy Guest Towel

Make your guests feel extra special with this fancy towel-folding technique. Lay the towel flat and fold it into thirds lengthwise, then fold it in half lengthwise. Roll it up, starting from one short end, and tuck the end under to keep it neat. This elegant roll adds a touch of sophistication to your guest bathroom and makes your guests feel welcome and pampered. It's a simple way to make a big impression when hosting friends and family.

Step 4: The Shelf Fold

If you're folding towels to be placed directly on a shelf, this method ensures they look tidy and uniform. Lay the towel flat and fold it into thirds lengthwise. Then fold it in half widthwise. Fold it in half again in the same direction. This compact fold is ideal for stacking towels on shelves, making them look organized and accessible.

Step 5: The Drawer Fold

If you're running out of room in your drawers for towels, try this efficient folding method. First, lay your towel flat on a surface. Fold it lengthwise into thirds, creating a narrower shape. Next, fold the towel in half widthwise, and then fold it into thirds once again. This technique transforms your towel into a compact, orderly form that slides perfectly into your drawer. It's a great way to maximize space and keep your towels neatly organized and ready for use. Give this fold a try to make the most of your storage areas!

Step 6: The Decorative Swirl

Add some style with a decorative swirl fold. Start by laying your towel flat. Roll both ends toward the middle until they meet. Then fold the towel in half, placing one rolled end on top of the other. This simple but elegant look is perfect for making your guest bathroom look fancy or for adding a special touch when you have visitors or during celebrations. Try this swirl to impress your guests and spruce up your space effortlessly.


Learning these easy towel folding methods can really change how your linens look and help keep your home organized. At Bumble Towels, we provide Kitchen Towels, Bath Towels & Bath Sheets that are not only soft and high-quality but also stylish. Using these folding styles, you can make better use of your space and give your towels a neat, polished look. Whether you're fixing up your bathroom or getting ready for guests, these folds are perfect for improving both the appearance and the practicality of your space. Give these techniques a try to keep your home tidy and stylish.

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