5 Creative Ways to Fold and Display Your Towels

Are you tired of the same old way of folding and displaying your towels? Looking to add a touch of creativity to your bathroom decor? Look no further! Today, we'll explore creative ways to fold and display your towels, adding a stylish and unique flair to your bathroom. These towel-folding techniques elevate your bathroom ambiance, save space, prevent mildew growth, and add texture and visual interest. Say goodbye to boring towel displays and hello to a more stylish and creative bathroom.

1. Classic Fold

Let's start with the basics. A simple yet effective way is to fold your towels using the classic fold. This fold is timeless and perfect for showcasing your neatly folded towels. To achieve this look, start by folding your towel in thirds lengthwise, then fold it in half horizontally. Once you've completed the fold, place it on a shelf or in a basket, and voila! You've instantly transformed your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. It's a small detail that makes a big difference to your bathroom's overall look and feel.


folding bath towels

2. The Towel Origami

Add a touch of playfulness to your bathroom, and the origami owl fold is a perfect choice. This fun fold is excellent for guest towels or children's bath towels. To create the owl, diagonally fold your hand towel in half to create a triangle. Then, fold the bottom corner to form the owl's head and roll the two side corners inwards to develop wings. Finally, tuck the beak under the head, and voila! You have a charming little owl towel that will delight your guests or little ones. It's a small detail that can add much personality to your bathroom.


colourful bath and kitchen towels

3. The Rolled Towel Display

If you're short on space or want to add a touch of simplicity to your bathroom decor, the rolled towel display is the perfect option. Start by rolling your towels tightly, starting from one end. Once your towels are rolled, arrange them neatly on a tray or basket. You can even tie a decorative ribbon around the rolled towels to add color. This display looks chic and makes it easy to grab a towel when you need one.


luxury white rolled kitchen towels

4. The Hanging Towel Display

Take your towel display to new heights with the hanging towel display. Instead of folding your towels, hang them on hooks or towel bars. This display adds a decorative touch to your bathroom and makes it convenient for you and your guests to grab a hand towel. To create a striking display, arrange the towels visually pleasingly, alternating between colors or patterns. This simple change can make a big difference in the look and feel of your bathroom.


hanging kitchen towels display

5. The Towel Art Gallery

Transforming your bathroom into an art gallery can be a fun and creative way to add personality to your space. It involves folding towels creatively to create various shapes, such as roses, bows, or animals. Using decorative hooks or clips, you can then display these towel art pieces on a wall or shelf. When arranging the towels, be sure to keep in mind the colors and patterns to create a visually pleasing display. This can create a gallery-like atmosphere in your bathroom, making it a unique and charming space to spend time in. Try it out, and you may be surprised at how much a few well-placed towels can transform the look and feel of your bathroom!

set of colourful bathroom towel arts


You can transform how you fold and display your towels with creativity and imagination. Whether you prefer a classic and elegant look or a fun and whimsical vibe, these five creative ways will surely add a stylish touch to your home decor. So go ahead, unleash your inner artist, and turn your towels into works of art!

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